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ARE YOU READY FOR WASTE FREE FUTURE? Our DOFFIDA solution uses the most advanced science, technology and chemistry knowledge to achieve the waste free goal. The new returnable re-wrappable plastic packaging is produced by injection moulding, This unique package uses wrapping film Pozofix developed and produced by Chemosvit Svit. The author of this industrial concept is Ing. Milan Michalko. Our invention is patented in Austria. See the Austrian patent.

POZOFIX – Recyclable film suitable for chemical and petrochemical products.  

See the certificate for POZOFIX film.

NONOILEN – Biodegradable film suitable for food, beverage and cosmetics products.
See the  certificate for NONOILEN film.

DOFFIDA concept achieves repeating use of re-wrappable packaging without creating additional waste and without use of water (while meeting hygiene requirements). This ecological feature is achieved thanks to the invention of industrial wrapping / re-wrapping machine. Our film serves as a cover layer and protects the container from contamination. When the film is after use removed from the container it can be composted in industrial composter or recycled for further use.


DOFFIDA packaging can also be supplied with re-wrappable lid. Thanks to this we do not burden the environment with additional waste and we are 100% ecological. Our patented solution DOFFIDA received bronze medal in category “Invention / New product” at international exhibition iENA 2021: International Trade Fair Ideas Inventions New Products (2021, NUREMBERG).

At present we offer DOFFIDA in these options:

Volume: 0.2l • 0.3l • 0.5l • 1.0l:
– with chip / without chip
– with flat / with raised bottom
– with disposable / with returnable lid

Volume: 1,5l • 2l • 5l • 10l • 20l with raised bottom:
– with chip / without chip
– with disposable / with returnable lid


Industrial use of DOFFIDA technology

  • Food and beverage Industry
  • Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry
  • Other industry

Are you ready to go waste free?